quantilope launches automated solution to need-based segmentation

Door Redactie Daily Data Bytes | 01-11-2021

quantilope, last week released the latest advanced method now offered on their platform: segmentation. With this new release, quantilope provides clients with an automated approach to segmenting their audience for marketing, product development, and innovation.

The new automated analysis enables companies and brands to undertake the previously costly and time-consuming process of professional need-based segmentation. Like all other advanced methods offered through quantilope’s platform, segmentation can be added to a survey with a simple drag + drop approach.

The method uses a MaxDiff to capture consumer responses to need statements, which are then analyzed through a series of automated data processing steps and machine learning algorithms on the backend. Through the power and ease of automation, quantilope’s segmentation captures insights at a fraction of the time it takes with other vendors, is intuitive in nature yet sophisticated in results, and provides guaranteed quality without risk of manual errors.

quantilope and Statista Q launch joint brand tracker

Also last week Statista Q and quantilope launched their joint brand tracker. The new partnership combines the individual consulting competence in market research and innovative insights technology power. At the center of the new tracker is an insights dashboard that continuously visualizes relevant consumer insights and important core variables for the evaluation of brand image.

The thematic modules of Statista’s new Brand Tracker powered by quantilope will allow Statista customers to gain automated, in-depth insights into consumer buying and information behavior, advertising impact, associations with brand promise, brand digitality, as well as individual research interests. Statista Q’s experts will accompany the entire process and provide guidance on setup right through to the evaluation of the results.

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