The future of Sensory Research

Door Redactie Daily Data Bytes | 13-10-2021

Sensory for business postponedTest methods for home, with more tech-savvy consumers and rapidly evolving tech advances – the pace of research is moving faster than ever. Join MMR Research and discover how research is embracing these developments. A deep dive into the latest technology trends & methodologies which harness consumer sensory insights.


Annie Neller

Annie leverages her experience in innovation development of the consumer research sector; utilising the latest technological developments to build actionable insights.

Simon Harris

Simon specialises in quantitative product techniques to find new ways to conduct highly controlled research with detailed product feedback when face to face research has been nearly impossible.

James Gater

James specialises in multisensory marketing and branding, and its use to engage the senses throughout the complete customer journey.

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About the MOA Expert Group Sensory Research

The Expert Group Sensory Research is a platform for debate for and about sensory/consumer research. Its goal is to safeguard quality and encourage the exchange of knowledge and good training within this discipline and the professional domain. The symposium is fully in English and it’s ultimate goal is to find the best match between the latest scientific insights on sensory, consumer and business demands.

Auteur: Redactie Daily Data Bytes, Hoofdredacteur Jan Roekens.

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