Phebi launches ‘Emotional Resonance Score’

Door Redactie Daily Data Bytes | 17-03-2021

In London, speech analysis tech firm Phebi has launched an Emotional Resonance Score (ERS), tracking emotional responses to a set of items or concepts, automatically comparing positive and negative responses and presenting the results in rank order.

Phebi’s technology is used for voice-enabling market and survey research. Flagship product Phebi Insight offers qualitative data at scale; while the Phebi Detect SaaS product was designed to makes it easier to process audio files collected during online or phone studies.

The new ERS measures nonconscious emotional responses for a study’s population and by subgroup, across a set of product concepts, advertisements, political candidates or other comparable items. Co-founder and CEO Mike Page says: ‘The ERS enables researchers to quickly gain a deeper understanding of people’s engagement with, and preference among, concepts, products, and services by automatically summarizing people’s nonconscious emotional reactions. With the ERS we apply research-based methods every three seconds to reliably quantify favourable and unfavourable nonconscious reactions in a way that’s valuable to researchers, even when their studies include people who speak different languages’.

Other new capabilities just launched include the Peak Emotion Finder, which identifies which areas have scored high for each type of emotion – calm, happy, sad, etc.


Auteur: Redactie Daily Data Bytes, Hoofdredacteur Jan Roekens.

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