Brilliant new products: consumer match or mismatch?

Door Jan Roekens | 01-09-2020

De drie genomineerden voor de MOAward Insights Scientist van het jaar, geven 10 september 2020 hun presentatie over het Topic of the Year ‘Brilliant New Products: Consumer Match or Mismatch?’ via Microsoft Teams. De jury zal na het symposium de uiteindelijke winnaar kiezen. De winnaar wordt tijdens de feestelijke uitreiking van de MOAwards, op 25 september, bekendgemaakt.

Organisaties moeten innoveren om winstgevend te blijven en lanceren dan ook veel nieuwe producten en diensten. Er zijn echter nog steeds veel nieuwe producten/diensten die floppen, omdat de retailer ze niet in het assortiment opneemt of omdat de consument het product of de dienst niet meteen omarmt. Inzichten in de redenen waarom nieuwe producten/diensten succesvol worden dan wel floppen zijn dan ook uitermate belangrijk. Daarom heeft de jury ‘Brilliant New Products: Consumer Match or Mismatch?’ als Topic of the Year 2020 gekozen.


Datum: Donderdag 10 september 2020

Tijd: 13.00 – 14.15 uur


Iedereen dat geïnteresseerd is in het onderwerp Retail.


12.50 – 13.00 uur Inloop – Microsoft Teams

13.00 – 13.05 uur Opening door dagvoorzitter Yvonne van Everdingen

Genomineerden MOAward Insight Scientist of the Year

13.05 – 13.20 uur Making animal welfare matter – Lenka van Riemsdijk (HU)

Introducing sustainable products presents companies with a challenge because they tend to be more expensive than regular products. Since the higher price typically isn’t fully compensated by higher quality, consumers have to trade off self-interest (lower price) for societal interest (sustainability). This trade-off presents consumers with a social dilemma, which calls for specific marketing strategies that reinforce sustainability with personally relevant benefits. Using the example of free-range meat, we show how marketers can emphasize personally relevant benefits, for example through messages evoking positive feelings. When supported with guarantees of animal welfare claims (such as certified labels), these strategies increase consumer acceptance of animal-friendly products, even for consumers who don’t care about animal welfare.

13.20 – 13.25 uur Vraag en antwoord moment

13.25 – 13.40 uur Indifference, Resistance and Rejection in Consumer Adoption Processes. An empirical analysis of determinants, consequences and neural correlates – Jan Andre Milleman (Eindhoven University of Technology)

The presentation sheds light on the question of why consumers resist, postpone, or reject brilliant new products. Using an interdisciplinary multi-method approach to explore neurological, psychological, and behavioral data, we found that the root cause of innovation failure is linked to the perception of innovation. More specifically, the fMRI experiment has shown that the perception of innovation plays a central role in innovation evaluation as it significantly affects later consumer adoption or rejection. Based on our findings, we formulate managerial implications to positively influence consumer perception to stimulate a greater match between the consumers’ expectations and innovation characteristics.

13.40 – 13.45 uur Vraag en antwoord moment

13.45 – 14.00 uur Customer-centric innovation: A journey from the lab to the heart of the customer – Stefan Stremersch (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)

This talk will be based on Stefan’s recent work in crowdsourcing and customer-centric innovation. Stefan will highlight how crowdsourcing innovation – when properly executed – is a powerful weapon for firms seeking to launch brilliant new products or services. The discussion will focus on how firms can leverage the wisdom of crowds to garner powerful customer insights that help them launch new products or services that perfectly match the needs of their target customers. Stefan then synthesizes a set of key insights on customer-centric innovation, which he derives from his work with companies such as Baxter, KLM, Merck, Michelin, Nokia, Novartis, SABIC, SKF, and Takeda, as well as from his current and ongoing research. Examples of such insights include the importance of customer focus and the critical role of customer and market insights in the validation of assumptions in innovations’ business cases.

14.00 – 14.05 uur Vraag en antwoord moment

14.05 – 14.10 uur Afsluiting door dagvoorzitter Yvonne van Everdingen

Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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