ESOMAR moves to boost insights sector Covid-19 role

Door Jan Roekens | 28-04-2020

ESOMAR has called on national government and business leaders who commission research to regard data as an ‘essential source’ in understanding citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic; and has launched two related data-sharing initiatives.

In support of the global insights community, ESOMAR has released a public statement describing the ‘vital role’ the industry can play in helping the management and understanding of the outbreak. The statement outlines six steps to take in order to maximise insights and help informed decision-making, including the requirement to maintain the current levels of funding and reallocate research spend to help improve knowledge and the evidence base on Covid-19-related measures.

In addition, ESOMAR has asked that multi-disciplinary expert groups continue to provide up to date expertise, and it has invited business leaders and governments to work with these groups and use the insights to inform future government strategies. To this end, the association has launched two initiatives: Covid-19 Research Eureka, through which researchers can share their project results on a platform where decision-makers and members of the public can source insights around the virus; and a Covid-19 Community Kit for the insights community which collates resources from national and international sector associations, as well as latest news and insights on the community itself.

Finn Raben, Director General of ESOMAR, comments: ‘Our ambition through this public statement, is to make clear to society that the data, research and insights community remains open for business and will continue to serve as THE compass for decision-makers and the societies they support. It’s important to lean on our expertise in this time of crisis. The data, research and insights sector is a critical source of such evidence and guidance that should be maintained and, encouraged, and intensively used by governments, businesses, and charities alike’.

The statement can be accessed at: .


Source: MRWeb, ESOMAR, 2 april 2020

Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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