GreenBook’s top 5 marktonderzoekpodcasts

Door Jan Roekens | 03-05-2022

Podcast zijn er over elk onderwerp dat je maar kunt bedenken, maar podcasts over marktonderzoek…? Ze bestaan echt, het is een opkomend fenomeen. Het Amerikaanse kenniscentrum Greenbook vroeg zijn eigen medewerkers naar hun favorieten. We zetten er vijf op een rij.

GreenBook recently launched its own The GreenBook Podcast. In no particular order, here are the GreenBook team’s top five market research podcasts:

  1. Happy Market Research Podcast

Hosted by HubUX Chairman & CEO Jamin Brazil, Happy Market Research Podcast started out in August 2018 and has to date produced several hundred insights-heavy episodes. Brazil, who also hosts a GreenBook Blog expert channel, Intergenerational Research, always has his finger on the pulse of market research.

  1. Mintel Little Conversation

Mintel Little Conversation is a notably enthusiastic and high-energy market research podcast by Mintel, an international market intelligence company. It’s hosted by a revolving slate of Mintel team members as hosts, including SVP/Chief Insights Officer Andrew Davidson, Trends Manager APAC Alysha Young, and Director of Research, EMEA Toby Clark.

  1. Data Gurus Podcast

Hosted by Sima Vasa, CEO and founder of Infinity Squared Ventures, The Data Gurus Podcast takes a deep dive into a wide variety of market research topics with a diverse array of industry leaders. The Data Gurus Podcast archives are full of gems, and we especially appreciate Vasa’s laser-focused questions.

  1. Ponderings from the Perch

Hosted by Priscilla McKinney, CEO and ‘Mama Bird’ of Little Bird Marketing, Pondering from the Perch is one of the most well-established podcasts in the field of market research, launching in 2014. Topics McKinney covers are appealing to those not just interested in market research, but also marketing and entrepreneurship.

  1. The Brainy Business Podcast

Focused on ‘the psychology of why people buy’, the Brainy Business Podcast is a biweekly podcast hosted by Melina Palmer, founder and CEO of The Brainy Business, a behavioral economics consulting company. Palmer’s insights – and those of her guests, ranging from academics to market research specialists – are fascinating and always entertaining.

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