‘A Taste of Change’ at the Food Innovation Academy on Nov 25th

Door Jan Roekens | 11-10-2021

The symposium will be chaired by prof. Hans van Trijp (WUR) who will give a concise overview of the 5 pillars for the future: Environment/Covid-19, Big data, New Methods, Texture & Oral Processing, Sustainability.

The kick-off is by Keynote speakers Annie Neller, Simon Harris and James Gater (MMR Research Worldwide). They will speak about The future of Sensory Research and Test methods that can be used at home.

Afterwards, we will hear from Dr. Tian Yu (Aigora) and Dr. Thierry Worch (FrieslandCampina) about opportunities for artificial intelligence and machine learning within sensory and consumer science. The Universities of Applied Sciences (HAN, Hanze, HvA and Inholland) and the WUR will give an overview of thesis projects by students and young professionals. And there’s much more!

The day will be closed by prof. Kees de Graaf (WUR), who will join us just before his retirement. He will reflect on Sensory and Consumer Research over the past years and he will share his vision for the future of our field.

View complete program here: https://www.sensoryforbusiness.nl/
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About the MOA Expert Group Sensory Research

The Expert Group Sensory Research is a platform for debate for and about sensory/consumer research. Its goal is to safeguard quality and encourage the exchange of knowledge and good training within this discipline and the professional domain. The symposium is fully in English and it’s ultimate goal is to find the best match between the latest scientific insights on sensory, consumer and business demands.

Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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