Ipsos organiseert zomerinspiratiesessie over merk en ESG

Door Jan Roekens | 04-07-2023

Op 11 juli organiseert Ipsos een zomerinspiratiesessie voor marketing-, brand- en duurzaamheidsmanagers. Tijdens de sessie komt de vraag aan de orde hoe je als merk een duurzaamheidstrategie kunt implementeren. Maar ook hoe marketingcommunicatie daarop succesvol aangesloten kan worden. Emmanuel Probst en Herman Toch geven tijdens de sessie hun visie op de implementatie van duurzaamheid in marketing en delen hun ervaringen.

As we emerge from a global pandemic, we find ourselves amidst a complex and polarized polycrisis. High inflation, political polarization, an impending financial crisis and alarming climate change issues have created a challenging landscape. In this context, consumers demand more from brands than just products – they want to see positive contributions to our world. Discover how to effectively incorporate ESG into your brand strategy and drive unprecedented success.

Emmanuel Probst will guide you through Ipsos’ latest insights on people’s beliefs, behavior, and expectations regarding ESG initiatives: ‘After years of over-consumption, we aim to buy more responsibly, keep products longer, and give these products a second life once we dispose of them. Brands must implement responsible business practices that are considerate of the environment and encourage repairing, recycling, and reselling their products.’


‘ESG. Put your money where your values are’


Many companies and brands consider ESG an obligation. Something a brand must do to keep its license to operate. We look at ESG with fresh eyes. We see it as a major opportunity. It creates brand strength, inspires innovation and helps drive relevance in the world of today. To unlock this ESG potential, a brand must be authentic and clever in the way it integrates ESG in strategy and communication. Because it can also go terribly wrong. Herman Toch will show you how to integrate ESG in your brand marketing.

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Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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