It’s only a few weeks until MIE will kick-off!

Door Geplaatst door de redactie | 23-04-2021

For the first time, quantilope, will support the international insights Road to MIE’21 event in Amsterdam as gold sponsor.

quantilope is a global insights automation platform empowering brands with lean and flexible advanced research.

Founded in 2014 in Hamburg, they are one of Germany’s fastest growing technology companies. With its innovative insights platform they support numerous consumer brands globally.
quantilope also have a team of experts based in Amsterdam.

The importance of using professional market research to gain in-depth consumer insights quickly has increased tremendously, not least since Covid-19.
As a consequence, insights has to be easy to understand and should enable marketing to quickly derive recommended actions.

We are exited to announce three sessions with quantilope’s experts.
In these sessions viewers can experience how to drive decision-making in marketing and innovation, to turn data into powerful stories and recommended actions and how insights teams combine speed and high quality insights to easily scale daily research business.

MAY 18th, 12.30 noon CEST

Trends & Technology: How insights technology disrupts the global research industry

In this online session marketing and insights managers learn how to leverage technology to keep a constant pulse on the consumers with real-time, high-quality insights, influencing marketing decisions, taking actions and developing competitive advantages on.
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MAY 19th, 12.30 noon CEST

5 Powerful Principles to Boost Insights & Innovation

Leading brands and insights managers are tackling innovation projects by implementing high-quality, actionable insights into each phase of their exploration and development processes. But what does that really look like?
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May 20th, 04.30 PM CEST

Stories beat Statistics: How Insight Managers accelerate their impact

English flag More and more insights are generated in-house. In this session insights managers experience how to leverage the power of storytelling to unlock the insights in data and to create much more impact in their organization.
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