Machine Learning within sensory and consumer science applied to consumer segmentation

Door Marit Bosman-Geevers | 18-10-2021

sensory for business a taste of changeDiscover how to find and characterize segmentation in consumer liking scores through a series of machine learning approaches. Learn to find meaningful consumer segments and evaluate these segments for stability. And to apply several common machine learning approaches to predict cluster segment based on consumer demographic, behavioral, and psychographic information.


Tian Yu Sensory

Tian Yu (Aigora)

Dr. Tian Yu obtained her Ph.D. degree in neuroscience, focusing on taste signal transduction. Dr. Yu has published a dozen peer-reviewed articles and one book chapter. She has presented her work in numerous conferences and received international recognition.

Thierry Worch Sensory

Thierry Worch

Dr. Thierry Worch is an expert in sensory and consumer methods, sensometrics, and data science who works in the Friesland-Campina Sensory and Consumer R&D department. Besides publishing various papers related to Sensometric, he is also the co-author with Sébastien Lê of “Analyzing sensory data with R” (CRC Press) and is currently working on “Introduction to Data Science for Sensory and Consumer Scientists” (CRC Press).

John Ennis

John Ennis

Dr. John Ennis, co-founder of Aigora, is a world-renowned authority on the use of artificial intelligence within sensory and consumer science. John is a Ph.D. mathematician who conducted his postdoctoral studies in computational neuroscience and who has more than a dozen years of experience as a sensory and consumer science consultant.

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About the MOA Expert Group Sensory Research

The Expert Group Sensory Research is a platform for debate for and about sensory/consumer research. Its goal is to safeguard quality and encourage the exchange of knowledge and good training within this discipline and the professional domain. The symposium is fully in English and it’s ultimate goal is to find the best match between the latest scientific insights on sensory, consumer and business demands.

Auteur: Marit Bosman-Geevers, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

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