Quantilope’s Insights Automation platform

Door Aimée-Désirée Bauer | 01-09-2021

New study finds the Total Economic Impact™ of quantilope’s Insights Automation platform can provide researchers a 319% ROI over a three year period. You can experience quantilope’s Insights Automation platform at Best of MIE.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of quantilope in June 2021 found that brands can receive net benefits of $2.7M and an ROI of 319% over three years for their research budgets when adopting quantilope’s Insights Automation platform instead of traditional research solutions. Payback for the initial investment is received in less than 3 months.

With a specific focus on research and consumer insights departments, the study provides an overview of the quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits organizations can expect by working with quantilope to conduct their market research projects. The results include the financial benefits quantilope provides by automating advanced consumer research projects on an end-to-end platform allowing users to eliminate external market research agency fees, increase their research fielding time efficiencies, and eliminate legacy DIY tools.

The combination of quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits identified in the Forrester study presents how insights managers can transform the speed, substance, and scale of their research processes by implementing quantilope’s Insights Automation platform into their research departments. Created for researchers by researchers, quantilope offers a new streamlined approach to conduct market research that’s fast and affordable – without sacrificing quality.

‚With quantilope, we have been able to eliminate other vendors while doing more projects than we previously could. Our costs are about one quarter of what they used to be. We are averaging [$6,600] that used to cost us $30,000-$40,000.‘
Consumer insights manager, insurance and financial services

‚With quantilope, we get the research results right away. This allows us to make decisions much faster. We have really benefited from that. Our time to market has been reduced by at least 30%.‘
Head of market and consumer insights, consumer electronics company

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Auteur: Aimée-Désirée Bauer, Senior Manager Communications, PR & Events quantilope

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