‘The Beauty and the Beast: 5 Ways Data Insights Can Lie’ op MIE’23

Door Jan Roekens | 20-04-2023

Op 9 en 10 mei vindt in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht de 21ste editie plaats van het grootste Data & Insights Event van Nederland. Onder de noemer ‘It’s all about Data & Insights’ presenteert het Data & Insights Netwerk tijdens MIE’23 de laatste trends en ontwikkelingen in het vakgebied. Een van de spreeksters is Meltem Rijkers-Oktay, Senior BI & Analytics Consultant van Biztory. Zij gaat het hebben over ‘The Beauty and the Beast: 5 Ways Data Insights Can Lie’.

This session will explore how data is analysed and visualised, ensuring the proper toolbox is available for the stakeholders and data analysts to ask the right questions before decision-making.

The topics are split into two parts:

1. The Beauty: Power and importance of data in today’s business

  • How the data is used in businesses and how it can help decision-making in different areas.
  • New era; from Excel tables and graphs to powerful interactive dashboards.
  • Examples from companies regarding the powerful data resources used for decision-making.

2. The Beast: Danger of data visualisation that can mislead

  • If not carefully questioned, how this endless pool of data and its visualisation can mislead and lead to inaccurate decision-making.
  • Basic rules and way of thinking to avoid these mistakes and use the power of the data and its visualisation to your benefi.t
  • 5 data pitfalls to consider before trusting a data source or its story.
  • How companies are ensuring data analysis is more robust and how they’ve overcome certain pitfalls.
  • Questions to be asked to cover each pitfall for informed decision-making.
  • What to ask?

In een verdere toelichting zegt Meltem Rijkers-Oktay (foto) over haar presentatie: ‘I have been consulting and implementing data analytics and visualisation projects for more than ten years, and every single time to this day, the same mistakes are being made by businesses without even realising it. It is easier to avoid these problems if we know what to ask and where to look, which I hope can deliver.’

Actionable insights

Ze was al eerder spreekster op het MIE, maar dan vanuit een andere achtergrond (Greenhouse en Vodafone): ‘Vodafone has a great audience where similar backgrounds get together and is the perfect place to share and learn from each other. I want to deliver a session where people can get actionable insights for creating better data projects. I also hope to learn from all the other great sessions you host and network with peers.’

Data is everywhere

Hoe ziet zij de toekomst van het vak? ‘It is quite worrying since I experience how lightly we take the quality of the data. Data is everywhere, and if the quality isn’t there and we don’t learn how to achieve quality, every data project will give us the impression that it is helping, while it might be worse than having no data at all. But when it is handled correctly, together with AI, the possibilities that come with quality data will grow exponentially.


De presentatie van Meltem Rijkers-Oktay is op 10 mei om 11.15 uur.


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Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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