CMNTY launches MoodBoard feature with image recognition

Door Jan Roekens | 24-02-2020

Insights community software firm CMNTY Corporation has added a new feature called ‘MoodBoard’, allowing community members to add images to a digital canvas. The feature makes it simple and playful for people to visualize their thoughts and ideas, for example as part of online co-creation sessions.

Analysts can then use AI-powered image recognition to create word clouds for quick insights.

Netherlands-based CMNTY Corporation was founded in 2007 by Maxim Schram, and opened an office in New York City in 2015. Its core offering ‘CMNTY Platform’ bundles a variety of quant and qual research tools into a unified, visual member experience aimed to help companies ‘humanize’ their market research.

MoodBoard was developed in partnership with which provides a fully integrated free stock photo library. Community members can search images and drag-and-drop them on their canvas or upload images from their desktop or phone.

Maxim Schram, founder & CEO, adds: ‘The biggest compliment we get from clients is that our platform is so user friendly, engaging and visual. Early tests show that the new MoodBoard is increasing engagement rates even further. But huge amounts of qualitative content also calls for smarter ways to do your analysis, and that’s where the AI chimes in. The continued development of CMNTY Platform is driven by our clients’ needs to turn community content into actionable insights faster and more efficiently.’

Source: Press release CMNTY, February 20, 2020

Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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