Dapresy en Nebu gaan samenwerking aan 

Door Jan Roekens | 28-10-2019

Dapresy en Nebu gaan samenwerken op het gebied van Customer Experience. Het nieuwe gecombineerde product biedt klanten een uitgebreide oplossing omtrent Sample Management, Data Collection, Reporting en Case Management.

Uit het persbericht: “Data can be uploaded from any CRM tool into Nebu’s sample management solution. After an automated data check, email or SMS invitations are sent through Nebu to start data collection. Once the data is collected, it is automatically pushed into Dapresy’s reporting module for visualization and reporting. In Dapresy, report users get access to existing interactive dashboards, reports and tables – and can even create their own very easily. The solution also offers case management functionalities to really turn insights into actions. All data can be retransferred into the CRM system in a closed loop. Furthermore, Dapresy’s strong design capabilities result in intuitive report analysis and insights that are easily conveyed, which ultimately leads to high usage and engagement. Through the automated alert process and visually highlighted insights, report users can focus on what is most important”.

“Over the last couple of years, Dapresy has successfully expanded in the DACH area. With our Nebu partnership, we can now offer clients a wide range of solutions addressing the market’s needs. My team and I look forward to working with Nebu to provide the industry with a proven and comprehensive technology platform,” aldus Michael Lersch, Managing Director DACH, Dapresy Deutschland GmbH. Eric van Velzen, CEO of Nebu, voegt toe: “While rolling out our CX solution to a series of countries of a global HR temporary staffing agency, we found that working with Dapresy was smooth, delivered great results and was all backed with great technology. Partnering to make this available as a turnkey solution to a bigger market was the natural next step.”

Source: Press release Dapresy, 24 oktober 2019

Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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