Ipsos neemt meerderheidsbelang in Askia

Door Jan Roekens | 12-02-2020

Ipsos heeft aangekondigd een meerderheidsbelang te nemen in survey technology leverancier Askia. Met deze acquisitie wil Ipsos het survey platform van de toekomst verder uitbouwen. 

Uit het persbericht: “Founded in the mid-1990s by Jérôme Sopoçko and Patrick George Lassale, Askia offers tools for collecting, analysing, reporting and visualising on- and off-line data, and has more than 150 clients, both research providers and clients. With subsidiaries in France, the UK, Germany and the US it has annual revenues of around EUR 5 Million euros (£4.2m). The two co-founders will continue to co-manage Askia following the buy.  Ipsos and Askia have been working together for a year on the co-development of the DIY solutions that power online research platform Ipsos.Digital, launched in November 2019 under the leadership of CEO Andrei Postoaca.”

Ipsos licht toe: “The new platform will ‘go way beyond equivalence of current software solutions on the market today and provide a new paradigm for the market research industry”. Chairman en CEO Didier Truchot zegt: ‘The more we worked with Askia, the more we realised the strength and depth of their technology and the more we valued the people we were working with. We understood quite quickly that there was an opportunity to not only invest in the solutions but in the business as well – for the benefit of Ipsos, Askia and our respective clients’.

Sopoçko zegt: ‘Joining forces with a company like Ipsos is a dream come true. We have been extremely impressed with their expertise, attitude and commitment to helping us to create the next generation of survey platform. The future of interviewing is not linear or browser-based. Whether the respondent chooses to type, talk or visualise their answer – in-stream analysis and decision making is required. This will allow instant recognition of intent, sentiment and attitude. It will result in the dynamic presentation of feedback and conversation management’.

Bron: Persbericht Ipsos, February 10 2020

Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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