Kantar brings AI-based creative testing to digital video adverts

Door Jan Roekens | 11-10-2021

Kantar announced the global launch of Digital Video AI, a fully AI-powered creative effectiveness tool that predicts the performance of digital video advertising.

Building on the launch of Link AI for TV advertising in 2020, Digital Video AI is a creative measurement tool designed to evaluate online video ads against the behavioural and creative metrics that drive sales and build long-term brand equity.

Designed to support marketers who face pressures of speed to market, and the fast paced and high-volume environment of digital ad development, Digital Video AI predicts creative effectiveness in under 15 minutes. Powered by Link, Kantar’s extensively validated database of over 230,000 adverts, the AI engine behind Digital Video AI has been trained with the industry’s most comprehensive creative effectiveness dataset.

Unilever partnered with Kantar through the development of Digital Video AI and has tested hundreds of ads on the platform to improve their performance against their effectiveness and ROI goals.

Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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