MetrixLab gebruikt AI in 24-uurs advertentie copy pre-testing tool

Door Jan Roekens | 05-11-2019

MetrixLab heeft een nieuwe tool ontwikkeld die klanten in staat stelt advertenties binnen 24 uur te pre-testen. ACT Instant gebruikt “machine’ en ‘deep learning” elementen van artificial intelligence (AI) om de prestatie van de advertentie te voorspellen zonder gebruik te maken van surveys of respondenten. 

Deze tool is in de VS beschikbaar voor mobile social video en zal wereldwijd worden uitgerold voor andere advertentieformats. 

“MetrixLab already utilizes proprietary solutions across the entire creative development lifecycle from early stage concept development to finished creative testing. ACT Instant complements our existing final creative solutions by providing clients with detailed advertising recommendations and predictive performance based on algorithms coupled with analysis from advertising experts. ACT Instant utilizes best-in-class custom algorithms to code ads across 130+ variables. The level of granularity and data this provides are unparalleled in copy testing, enabling MetrixLab to provide more detailed recommendations to clients than ever before. Machine learning-based predictive modelling is used to ensure that overall performance predictions align with the validated copy testing approaches that MetrixLab has historically used to test thousands of ads each year.” aldus MetrixLab.

Rick Candelaria, SVP Consulting, Brand Engagement, MetrixLab, licht toe: “Most new solutions in our industry are really just incremental advancements of existing methodologies, and most still leverage traditional survey-based approaches. What makes ACT Instant so genuinely different is that we have combined an incredible amount of institutional learning with our own extensive ad testing databases in an approach that eliminates one of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive steps – namely creating, fielding and analyzing a consumer survey. This is game-changing for the research industry because we know clients currently struggle to fit creative testing into their shrinking development timelines. ACT Instant requires just 24-hours to predict which executions have the best chance of success, plus it uses some really advanced technology that has created a real ‘buzz’ in the marketing and business world.”

Meer informatie over ACT Instant hier.

Bron: Persbericht MetrixLab, 4 november 2019


Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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