Quantilope acquires video research company Plotto and announces product launch of inColor

Door Jan Roekens | 22-09-2021

Quantilope buys UK-based qualitative video research company Plotto and expands into automated qualitative market research. With the acquisition, quantilope announces the launch of its new product, inColor. inColor extends the company’s existing Insights Automation platform as a standalone product, providing users with automated online qualitative market research.

inColor is launched as a standalone product. The product is a software platform for video-based, qualitative market research. The technology is highly equipped with AI to handle time-consuming and complex processes. This includes features such as automatic transcription, sentiment analysis, and emotion recognition, enabling companies to quickly gain deep, qualitative insights about their target audiences. Qualitative market research insights provide important input for innovation management, product development and marketing e.g. uncovering deep underlying needs.

‘With inColor consumers can virtually sit at the decision-making table via video recordings. This enables marketing and innovation managers to quickly and deeply understand their target groups and to directly incorporate the findings into their strategies. With its existing quantitative and new qualitative technology, quantilope is setting the new standard in professional, automated market research,’ explains Dr. Peter Aschmoneit, CEO and co-founder of quantilope.

Plotto Ltd. will continue as a subsidiary of quantilope.

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Auteur: Jan Roekens, Hoofdredacteur

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